Empowered Startups Partners with LetzConnect to Introduce Online Entrepreneurial Learning in India

LetzConnect Technologies, based in Chennai, India, has recently announced its association with Empowered Startups, a global innovative business…

LetzConnect Technologies, based in Chennai, India, has recently announced its association with Empowered Startups, a global innovative business incubator headquartered in Canada, with presence in several countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. Their partnership will bring an international online program in Entrepreneurial Learning for university and college students in India. The program is 100% digitally delivered with online mentorship and learning activities. It provides an advanced and innovative approach to entrepreneurial learning that students can use to understand, participate and excel in setting up a business venture in a globalized world.

Using this anytime, anywhere online learning program, students will be guided through transforming an idea into a market ready business. Along this guided entrepreneurial journey, students will build skills, connections and mind-shifts that enable them to remain relevant to the future, become the change makers of tomorrow, build remarkable personal profiles, and become job creators instead of job seekers.

While India is considered today as the land of rising entrepreneurship, the youth of the country is yet to be empowered with the tools and techniques to validate their ideas in a zero-risk sandbox environment before launching a venture. The partnership will allow LetzConnect to extend entrepreneurial learning across its expansive network of college and university students, enhancing the students’ ability to launch viable business ventures. LetzConnect would hold distribution rights via its flagship platform and help reach this unique program out to academic institutions in the country.

Speaking on the partnership, Naheed Henderson, CEO of Global Startup Accelerator program at Empowered Startups, commented, “As a leader in global Startup incubation, we are excited to partner with LetzConnect to bring our state-of-the-art and globally recognized Young Empowered Startuppers (YES) entrepreneurial learning program to students in India and beyond. Working together, our online learning innovations will bring immediate and globally relevant opportunities to students in India.”

“LetzConnect focuses on digitizing college and university campuses, providing students with a platform for academic learning and advanced skill development towards enhanced employability outcomes. With the Empowered Startup partnership, our students can now go through great upskilling opportunities in entrepreneurial development, following which there will be a world of possibilities awaiting them.”, says Praveen Ganesh, Founder and CEO, LetzConnect Technologies.